How do I use the Promotion Tool?

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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The Xvoucher Promotion tool allows Customers to create a page where candidates will be able to request a voucher.

The Promotion functionality is only available to select customers. Please reach out to if you are interested in learning more. 

The Xvoucher Promotions tool allows you to target a specific audience for certification,  training, or fulfilling a company training initiative. 

With a self-service creation module and full HTML editor, customers are able to create their own unique promotion page where candidates can go and request a voucher.

Once the page is created, a unique URL is provided that can be embedded into your website, emailed to any audience, or printed on marketing materials

Steps to create and manage a Promotion.

  1. To create a Promotion go to Manage → Promotions 
  2. Click on ➕ Add New Promotion 
  3. In the Promotion Group select Create New Program or select a current program if you are recreating an older promotion. 
  4. Give your Promotion a Name, this will be the title on your Promotions request page
  5. Next, provide any details you would like displayed on the Promotions page. This text will be displayed on the right-hand side of your promotions page. Promotion_2.webp
  6. You can create and edit in Design mode or use the HTML editor to design the page in HTML. You are able to include images or links within your page.
  7. Once you have created your page you will need to associate an item to the promotion, select an item from the Select Kit dropdown. 
  8. Enter the start and end date of the promotion, the end date is the date when candidates will no longer be able to request a promotion. 
  9. Choose the number of requests you would like to allow for this event. This can be more than your inventory if there is a possibility you will deny any requests. Promotion_3.webp
    1. You will only be able to approve requests based on available inventory for the item you are promoting.
  10. If you would like to be notified of requests click on the Edit button and select the days and administrators on the account to notify via email and click Update.
  11. Now that your promotion is created you can use the unique URL to send out to your candidates. To copy the URL right-click on the link and click copy URL address. 
  12. Now we will go through the Management process of the Promotions Feature. 
    1. Candidates will request a voucher by following the link you provide them and creating an Xvoucher account. 
  13. Click on  Manage Requests here you can Approve or Deny candidate requests. This can also be done from the Promotions widget on your dashboard. 
  14. When denied the candidate will get an email letting them know they have been denied the voucher-request. If a candidate is approved they will receive an approval email.

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