How does the Branch functionality work?

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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Create a multi-level administrator structure to enable complex distribution and branch-level admin delegation.

Branch Admins are created by the customer and given access to the Branch portal on the Xvoucher platform. This will give Branches the ability to assign vouchers and track candidate progress of only their assigned vouchers.

The Branch functionality is only available to select customers. Please reach out to if you are interested in learning more. 

To set up a Branch Account: 

  1. Go to Manage → Branches
    1. On this screen, you can see your organization at the top of your branch structure.
  2. Click the Add Branch button to add a branch under your organization
    1. Type in the name of your branch and then click Save.
    2. Now add a branch admin by clicking on the Admin icon and then click Add an Admin.
    3. Enter the contact information of your branch admin and then click Save.
    4. Your branch can have as many admins as needed.
    5. You are now ready to distribute!
  3. Click on the blue ‘Distribute’ button to give vouchers to your branch.
  4. On this screen choose the type of voucher you would like to distribute from the drop-down and then enter the quantity.
  5. Click Add to selection. You can also add different types of vouchers on this screen to distribute.
  6. When you are ready click Distribute Selected Vouchers.
  7. Return to your Branch overview.
  8. If for any reason you need to recall your vouchers, click on the Recall button.
    1. You may only pull back vouchers that have not yet been assigned to candidates.
    2. If one branch has 25 extra vouchers you can pull those back into your inventory and either assign them to candidates or distribute them to another branch. 

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