How do I access my AWS Marketplace Seat Package?

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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Log into your AWS Marketplace account to get started.

To create your Xvoucher account you will first log into your AWS Marketplace account and navigate to your Xvoucher Subscription. 

  1. Click the "Set up your account" button in the AWS Marketplace. This will take you to the Xvoucher platform. 
    If you just subscribed, please wait before clicking this button. The order will take a few minutes to process. 
  2. Enter your information to create an Xvoucher user account. 
  3. Now you will log into Xvoucher using the credentials you created. 
  4. On your first Xvoucher login, you will be prompted to fill in your company information for your account. 
  5. Once you have completed your registration you will be able to access your account to distribute your Seats. 

To learn more about distributing Seats on the Xvoucher platform visit: How do I assign or distribute my Seats?

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