My voucher is not working at registration

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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3 things to check before contacting Support:

You're using the Voucher Code, not the Xvoucher Number.

  • Voucher Codes are 8-12 characters long and contain no dashes, if you're using is anything longer or it contains dashes, that confirms you're using the Xvoucher Number and not the Voucher Code.

Vouchers are Level Specific.

  • Check the type of voucher issued to you (Examples):
    • Foundational vouchers = Foundational level exams.
    • Associate vouchers = Associate level exams.
    • Professional/Specialty vouchers = Professional/Specialty level exams.
    • Professional level vouchers = Professional level exams.
    • Expert level vouchers = Expert level exams.
    • Master level vouchers = Master level exams.
  • If you have the wrong level, you'll need to contact your organization to request a new voucher as Xvoucher cannot exchange voucher levels. 

Spaces count as an extra character.

  • If you Copied and Pasted, check to make sure there are no spaces at the beginning of the code or at the end of the code when entering it in the testing providers' website. 


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