Wire/ACH/Check Payment Instructions

Christine Avery
Christine Avery
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Please follow the following steps when paying via wire, ACH or check.

By placing your order, you agree to follow the steps of the Xvoucher wire / ACH/ Check process (detailed below) and adhere to the policies therein.

  1. Print and provide a copy of your order for your purchasing department to initiate a wire / ACH / check.
  2. Your purchasing department must initiate a wire, ACH, or check using the details found on your receipt.
  3. You must reference your order number in the wire, ACH, or check.  To ensure the successful fulfillment of your order, please email your payment details to ar@xvoucher.com
  4. Upon receipt of funds, Xvoucher will fulfill your order. You will receive a notification of the fulfillment of your order and the release of your vouchers via email.

Failure to reference your order number in your payment may delay order fulfillment

Your order will be made available in your account upon receipt of funds.


Should you have any questions on this process please email aws@xvoucher.com.

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