Can I manage my vouchers outside of the Xvoucher platform?

Audrey Krinke
Audrey Krinke
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Yes, you can manage vouchers from a spreadsheet. 

If you are unable to enter candidate information because of privacy concerns there is another option.

  1. Assign the vouchers to yourself using the assign tool under Distribute → Product on the menu bar; or fill out the Mass Export PDF and submit your request to the support team. 
  2. You will receive an email for every voucher that you assigned to yourself.  From your Dashboard, click on Track → Candidates → Exam voucher.
  3. Click on “Get Report” to see all vouchers.
  4. Click on the Excel icon in the upper right corner to export to an Excel spreadsheet.  

*If you choose this method please note that the Xvoucher support team will be unable to assist in tracking vouchers since they will be handled outside of the system, please use this method with caution. 

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