Common Email Address Issues

Audrey Krinke
Audrey Krinke
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These common email address issues can cause an email to be invalid in the Xvoucher system. Please review this list if you are having an issue with an email within the Xvoucher platform. 


A valid e-mail address is an address composed of two parts, a username, and a domain name, in the following form: username@domain.extension

Common Mistakes

  1. There is a space in the email address email 
    • Example student
  2. There is a space in the field where you entered the email, either before or after the address.
  3. The domain is missing
    • Example 
  4. The extension is missing (ie .com, .edu)
    • Example students@mail


Please review the email address that was entered and make sure it meets the criteria for a valid email address. 

If you have any additional questions, submit a ticket to our Support team. 

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