What is the difference between an Xvoucher Number and a Voucher Code?

Audrey Krinke
Audrey Krinke
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Xvoucher Number is a container  

The Xvoucher number is a container that allows enterprise and institutional organizations to purchase, distribute, and track learning assets without the actual Voucher Registration Code being exposed to users who could potentially take it for themselves. This can be a single learning asset (single exam voucher, single practice test, lab, etc.. purchased individually) or a bundle of multiple learning assets (training, practice test, and exam voucher bundled together in one purchase). This number cannot be used for registration (Xvoucher format: XXXXXX-XXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX).

Voucher Code is for Registration  

The voucher code is used to redeem in exchange for an exam appointment with the testing provider. The voucher code acts as a currency to pay for an exam appointment and should be treated as such. Vouchers are single-use, and only exposed to the candidate and the Customer Admin (Voucher format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX). 

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