How to Find "ACTION NEEDED: Expiring AWS Exam Vouchers" Reported to You

Audrey Krinke
Audrey Krinke
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Xvoucher sends out courtesy emails on the First of every month providing an overview of Expiring vouchers in the coming 30 days and 90 days.  

**Please note that candidates are sent an email directly regarding their voucher expiring, and Customers receive an overview of all their Expiring Inventory. 


We alert you to two different categories; Assigned but Unused Vouchers, and Converted but not Assigned Vouchers:

Assigned but Unused Vouchers

These vouchers have been assigned to candidates who have not used them to register for an exam. You can find expiring vouchers in the Candidate Exam Voucher report by going to Track > Candidates > Exam Voucher (some accounts simply have Track > Exam Vouchers).

  • You'll want to search "Current State" as "Issued"
  • Filter "Expiration Date" with today's current date, and a date 90 days out.
  • Once you "Apply Filter", you'll be provided with a list of candidates, and their exam vouchers, so you can contact your candidates. 

Converted but Not Assigned Vouchers

These vouchers have not been assigned to candidates and will expire if you do not take action to assign them. You can locate these in your Xvoucher Inventory Report. 

Per AWS Voucher policy, we are unable to extend the voucher's validity. As a reseller of AWS Certification Exam vouchers, Xvoucher is bound by AWS policies and decisions.





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