Updates for AWS Certification Exam Vouchers

Sara Baaker
Sara Baaker
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As part of the ongoing relationship between AWS and Xvoucher, there is a renewed focus on serving our valued Training and Certification customers. We would like to share some notable changes coming to the Xvoucher Storefront for AWS Certification Exam products

Enhanced Flexibility: For the first 90 days after purchase, you can now unassign vouchers that have not been claimed by the end learner. Once you assign a voucher, learners will have the option to either claim it immediately or wait. If they do not claim it within the first 90 days, you have the option to re-assign the voucher to another learner. The first assignee will no longer be able to claim the voucher code. If the learner chooses to wait, our system will automatically convert and email the voucher code to the learner 90 days after the order has been placed. To learn more about voucher conversion, view this Help Desk article.

Voucher Management Modification: As of 31 October 2023, the Branches and Promotions features will no longer be available for AWS customers. All vouchers previously assigned in branches will be recalled and submitted back to you for assignment from your customer account. Any active Promotion Page will be removed from your account. To learn more about how to continue to use these features, please contact Xvoucher

Payment Method Update: Xvoucher Wallet requests will no longer be accepted after 31 October 2023. Any request received by 31 October 2023 will be honored as long as payment is received by the end of the year. Wallet funds used to purchase AWS Certification vouchers will be valid only through 31 July 2024. To learn more about how to use your Xvoucher Wallet funds,  please contact Xvoucher

Discounting Update: The AWS Program is no longer supporting volume discounting. You may still take advantage of the current volume discounts through 31 October 2023. 

We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition and addressing any questions or concerns you may have. If you have any questions, please submit a request above.

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